Monday, September 24, 2007

Toronto Chinatown - Pho 88

Okay so you must be wondering what was so bad about Toronto restaurants??Well I ate at 2 asian restaurants while I was there. The first was Pho 88 on Spadina, the decor was nice and the place was packed so I expected good food (and good service with it). But the food was mediocre but the service was horrible We had a party of four and they messed up most of our orders. I ordered the rice with porkchops and shrimp and they brought me rice with porkchips and chicken. After telling them, they messed up my order, the waiter took the food back to the kitchen and ANOTHER person brings out my food for me. HELLO!! Do they not realize that the wrong dish is the wrong dish regardless of who brings it out? I was so hungry and frustrated so I ate it anyway, it was okay not really really good or anything. They also messed up two of our pho orders by putting meatballs in the wrong bowl. It also took them forever to bring out our nem nuong (pork rolls?) appetizer. The nem nuong was rather starchy and didn't taste very good. Instead of serving it before our main meal, they brought it out AFTER we were done with our meal. We asked for the check and the appetizer came out, 5 minutes later, the check. UGHH, i'm never coming back here again!

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