Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Toronto Chinatown - Fruits

We all know that Vancouver B.C. has the best Chinese food outside of China so how does Toronto compare? Well, initially I thought it'd be pretty good, especially after spending hours on chowhound and finding rave restaurant reviews but boy was it a culinary disappointment! The two things that I found really good were: 1) all the yummieeee fruits (I heart mangosteens!) and 2) Banh Mi` Nguyen Huong (delicious banh mi pa te cha for 1.50!).

The "long kong" fruits belong to the same family has a fruit called the "langsat", they're exotic fruits from Thailand. The ones I got this time were pretty sweet!(

I could only eat so much fruit so I didn't buy these orangy pomogrante like fruits so I have no idea what they look like inside or taste like. If anyone has any idea, I'm curious to know.

Another fruit I didn't buy...these are Thai Dragonfruits...

I think I'm sticking to the usual reddish dragonfruit, it was a great choice as they were very sweet!

arghh...I didn't buy enough of these mangosteens, next time i'm gona get 2 dozen or more for me, myself, and I!

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Tracy said...

I miss eating long kong and mang cuc from VN!